Our extensive experience shows success in developing sustainable and new sources of potable or brackish groundwater requires a new approach. The fundamental pillars of this approach are technology, operational expertise and project capital. 


Technology – Our proprietary Megawatershed process provides a proven approach to target new fracture controlled and sustainable regional ground water sources not traditionally developed by other drilling companies.

Operational Expertise – We have the experience and expertise to fully develop groundwater starting from selecting an optimal location, conducting environmental and regulatory analysis, drilling, testing, and ongoing management of the resource and off take of groundwater. Our team of geologists, hydrologists and local field operators will oversee all aspects of the project working with our customers to meet their needs.

Project Capital – Different than a traditional exploration company we bring capital to fully fund the development of a project. Backed by Emerging Infrastructure Capital Partners (EICP) whose funding sources include the George Kaiser Family foundation and the West River Group, we work with our customers to economically develop their groundwater resources.